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concrete blocks

Steppingwalls is a performance sculpture installation about the hidden struggles of immigrant laborers. Like a laborer hoisting concrete blocks of memory, I navigate the landscapes of migration and identity, moving each heavy block with the limits of my own body. I create scaled walls that form personal, cultural, and professional barriers. The slow process mirrors the journey of an immigrant soul transplanted onto uncharted territory. With each block, I am both the builder and the beholder of my in-betweenness.
In our quest for a more prosperous life within the confines of capitalism, immigrants confront a profound paradox at the heart of our ambitions. We yearn for the promise of betterment, for the opportunity to carve out a life of comfort, security, and success while sacrificing time with family, professional and personal connections, previously achieved goals, cultural association, and personal identity. 

This paradox serves as a reminder that while capitalism offers a dynamic and aspirational framework, it requires conscious consideration of people's sacrifices to belong. In many ways, immigrants leave everything behind and start from zero to achieve aspirations that would otherwise have been impossible. Pursuing a better life is woven into the fabric of our ambitions, propelling us to engage with the mechanisms of commerce and competition. Still, it all comes at the cost of sacrifices that ultimately strengthen the capitalist landscape, leaving behind our cultural identity and taking over a laborer identity. 

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