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red oak plywood

Stairladder is a work that focuses on the intricate migration pathway as an architectural component. Stairs and ladders as architectural forms symbolize the energy of movement, carrying the weight of cultural histories and identities, much like the steps we take when embarking on journeys and, in my own experience, immigration.

The stairs portion of the sculpture signals our body as an invitation or potential to climb. The journey climbing this form will be a very delicate and dangerous climb. To me, stairs echo the Kafkaesque bureaucracy that immigrants often encounter. Just as Kafka's characters find themselves entangled in an unending cycle of complexity and decision-making, these stairs will lead us into spirals of cultural uncertainty. Each step carries the weight of history, pushing us into a third cognitive space, neither here nor there, as we navigate the intricacies of life's journey and, in my case, assimilation. 

The ladder part of the sculpture offers a precarious and delicate way to ascend. When we climb a ladder, our bodies use our feet and hands. The ladder-climbing journey is dangerous and requires the user's full attention. Each step represents a story, a connection, a thread of the Latin women immigrant experience woven into the fabric of a larger narrative. The ladder becomes a beacon of hope and a conduit for transcendence from the limitations of a single place to the expansive realm of the "in-between."

In this artwork, ladders and stairs converge, becoming a metaphor for the Latin experience – a delicate dance between movement and stasis, inclusion and dissociation, utopia and dystopia. They symbolize the ephemeral nature of transience, echoing the reconfiguration of identities and landscapes. As an artist, I create narratives at every step, inviting viewers to embark on their journeys, exploring the experience of immigration, diversity, and the human spirit's eternal quest for a place to call home.

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