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Sister waiting Styrofoam 7’x3’x1’ 2017.JPG

sister waiting

The immigration process can be likened to a journey of struggle and resilience. The feeling can be associated with ascending a treacherous staircase, each step laden with uncertainty, legal intricacies, and emotional strain. 

When families embark on any journey, they encounter staircases that lead to a new beginning. Still, its steps are riddled with obstacles threatening to tear apart the very fabric of their unity until, eventually, it does tear them apart, and each faces their journey. sister's waiting is composed of an overly inclined stair. This work is an attempt to comprehend my sister's journey. Although very similar to mine, I have always believed that my sister's journey has been more difficult because she is the kind of person who knows what she wants. This artwork is not only about an immigrant's journey but also a woman's journey.

The staircase metaphor serves as a robust visual framework to communicate the harrowing challenges and steadfast determination that define the immigration process of a woman. It underscores the urgency of acknowledging its toll on families and inspires empathy, fostering conversations about reform and social change.

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