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Self portrait PLA 2_ x 5_ x 6_  2022_edited.jpg

self portrait
pla plastic

I am intrigued by the compositions of ladders and how they are designed. Ladders not only stand on their own but also extend and accommodate a body to reach beyond its limits. Different cultures, regions, and historical periods have distinct preferences when it comes to ladder design. 

When climbing a ladder, we utilize our whole body, including the senses that come with it. The ladder-climbing journey is dangerous and requires the user's full attention. Each step represents a story, a connection, a thread of life journey and experience woven into the fabric of a larger narrative. To me, a ladder is not only a tool of the body but also a body itself because it stands on its own and has the presence or essence of a human body. 

The thought that ladders can be a symbolic representation of a human led me to think of myself as a type of ladder. I began to create a series of self-portraits in the shapes of ladders. 

Curious about the intersection of materiality and symbolism, I experiment with the ephemeral nature of transience materials, echoing the reconfiguration of identities. Manipulating the ladder material and having the ability or inability to make it stand creates a compelling argument that ladders, like humans, could be fragile. The more experiments with materials, the more facest of myself I discover. Symbolism, aesthetics, material, and societal values influence these ladder portraits. 

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