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red oak plywood

Like a harmonious fusion of a wheel and a stair, my creation embodies the essence of a mill in motion as the wheel turns steadfastly. The stairs inside the structure simulate upward movement, each step toward greater heights. But the wheel is not moving upwards but forward. Paradoxically, when looking at the structure from the outside, as the wheel moves backward, the stairs simulate an upward movement. Through this artwork, I unravel the paradox of being both an "insider" and an "outsider" and the profound sense of dissociation accompanying immigration. 

However, the wheel-stair metaphor goes deeper, touching upon the intricacies of capitalism and its paradoxes. The wheel's forward motion represents the relentless drive of capitalism—its perpetual motion in pursuit of progress and prosperity. From the insider perspective, the wheel of capitalism will move forward by climbing up the stairs, but from the outsider perspective, the wheel will only move forward when the stairs are climbed down.  

This paradox becomes even more profound and painful in the context of migration, where individuals seek economic betterment in a society where they are first outsiders. In many ways, metaphorically, immigrants have to climb down the stairs to improve their standing within capitalism because they are categorized as cultural outsiders. A prevalent example is when immigrants take jobs with less pay because their education abroad is invalid in their migrated country.     

In my artwork, I strive to encapsulate the complexities of capitalism and migration. I explore the interplay of personal and professional growth and the pursuit of cultural integration, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricate dance of migration within capitalism's paradoxes. 

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