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11_light ladder.JPG

light ladder
paper & projection

Immigrating is a journey of struggle, resilience, uncertainty, legal intricacies, and emotional strain while balancing a conventional lifestyle. One of the best ways to describe this feeling is by looking at Kafka's books. Kafka's characters usually find themselves entangled in an unending cycle of complexity and decision-making until they end up in spirals of cultural, social, and geographical uncertainty. The spiral described here is this third cognitive space, a temporary autonomous zone or a kafkaesque world. 

In the search for this kafkaesque, ethereal, ephemeral, and in-between, I created Lightladder. An artwork with no volume, so light and fleeting that its essence, construction, and tangibility is made with light and shadows dancing in a delicate sheet of paper. This artwork presence infuses the atmosphere with its lights and glowy presence, embodying the intangible.  

I invite you to embark upon this luminous journey from the physical to the ethereal. It is a journey of the soul, a passage where mundane processes transform into extraordinary quests.

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