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09_Here and There.JPG

here and there
red oak plywood

My artistry manipulates the staircase as a universal symbol that embodies the journey of life itself. Within its ascending and descending lies a connection that defines our existence and journey. My fascination with the stair transcends its practical purpose to embody movement, stalling, and progression—much like life's relentless paths.

Intrigued by the intersections of architecture and anthropology, I have delved into the realm of Scalalogy. This discipline delves into the cultural intricacies of stairs. I have discovered that each nation's stair design reflects a standardized preference—a unique perspective on the balance between the human body, weight, and movement. 

My artistic narrative delves into the human body's engagement with stairs. Here and there is a stair whose angle of ascent, tread, riser, and height are inaccessible to our bodies. What's left is a stair that we physically cannot access, so we are forced to see stairs as not only a utilitarian object but an art object. 

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